Tell me about portrait photography. How long does it take for a session?

As long as it takes to create a masterpiece!Portrait photography can not be rushed Once the portrait is made you will want to hang it on your wall with pride ! My goal is to completely amaze you with the finished piece. My portrait photography is all about quality. I do not limit my time but usually an hour to an hour and a half is sufficient.

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What should I wear ?

Unless you are looking for a particular funky, hip look choose something that is timeless. Keep the colours simple and avoid busy patterns which become distracting. This allows the viewer to concentrate on the persons expression and will then stand the test of time.


Where do you make the portraits?

At this present time I would either come to your home or we would go to a chosen location (see gallery for ideas)portrait photography

What if it rains or the weather looks bad?

No problem we will re schedule.


What if my child is sick and I have to cancel?

This can happen from time to time. No problem we can re schedule


How do we choose our portraits?

Come to my home office & view on a large screen. I will guide you through, helping you make the right decisions and answering any questions you may have. To simply put your portraits online and leave you to it, is very poor service indeed. There are so many intricacies when designing your perfect wall portrait. To simply photograph you and leave you to order without explaining the different possibilities could compromise the finished outcome.

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How long does it take to produce my portraits ?

The finished order can be collected within six weeks from your viewing.


I have heard of friends being pressure sold to by other photographers, what is your thoughts on this ?

Terrible ! Not professional and not what I do at all .. We have no minimum order and I would like to think I have a price and product for everyone. Some of my clients have been coming to me for over twenty five years. My hope is that we become friends and I remain your Family photographer.

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Can you tell me one good reason why I should have a professional portrait made ?

When you look at your child or partner  and it touches your heart and soul and you are left with a feeling of love, joy, and pride. A wonderful fleeting moment I am sure we have all experienced. As a portrait photographer I guess it is my wish to remind you of those innermost feelings on a daily basis, yours to enjoy for evermore.

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Do you sell a disc ?

No. Each of my portraits are hand crafted and produced on beautiful art paper. Individual images can take hours in editing and would take weeks to make a cd of the entire session.

I hope you have found this post useful? Please call on 01329 284445 or e mail me   [email protected] if there are any questions you would like to ask regarding portrait photography.

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