What you need to know about wedding photography

How many weddings do you do in a day ? …

Definatley only one !


How many photographers do you have at a wedding ? …

Just me ! And a lighting assistant (very important) So often I see teams of photographers snapping away aimlessly at weddings without any attention to  detail or finesse. Its not about how many photographs you take, its about the quality of the images you make. You must of heard the sayings less is more, and a picture speaks a thousand words ? …. Its true, if done properly of course. Timing is what is important when covering weddings. Having photographed in the region of 1500 I am getting the hang of it !


Why use a qualified photographer and what does it mean ?

Qualifications in any profession is a benchmark of trust and quality assurance. Would you take advise from an unqualified Doctor or solicitor ? BIPP & MPA are the leading professional bodies in the UK. I have had Fellowships in both organizations. The pre fix letters to the above are L, A, or the highest F for Fellow.


What if you are ill or cant make it ? …

In 30 years as a professional photographer I have never missed a commission. Not to say I could not get run over by a mobility scooter while doing my shopping the day before … Do not worry your wedding would be covered. I am part of two large professional organizations and have a huge network of quality photographers that I could call on at short notice … We look after each other !


What if it rains ? …..

If you stand outside you will get wet. Seriously, its like being in a bunker at golf. You simply select the right club and don’t see it as a problem. At a wedding its much the same. As I previously said I always have a lighting assistant with me so we are ready for whatever weather. Planning is also essential, and we meet with you the week before the wedding to discuss possible outcomes and timing, and various scenarios. I have actually made some of my finest images in bad weather. Leave me to worry about it.


How long do you take making the photographs ? …

I love creating great images but I am very aware its your wedding day no matter how much fun I am having ! As I said before I always meet with you the week before to discuss timing. This eliminates any confusion for all concerned on the day. I work quickly but promise you will not be bored or kept from your champagne / guests ….


Do we get the disc ?

As I said before I am not a shoot & burn part timer, but I feel it is important that we supply you with edited files of the images you choose. These files are managed and retouched to the highest standards and can be easily printed to A4 size. You will have a license to re produce and can share with your Family and friends.


How long does it take to get my album ?

I will look to show you your images in the comfort of your own home the week you return from Honeymoon. I will have a proof ready for your approval and the finished album in your hands in around eight weeks. You will have a masterpiece to show off to generations to come !


Do you have an online gallery so friends can order ?

Yes I do. I can load your images once I have edited the files … I am a perfectionist, I only want people to see pure quality, not a rough proof ! … The choice is yours but I tend to wait until you are back from Honeymoon before putting them on my site, you may decide you want to be the first to see them !


How much do you charge ? …

While price is a concern to most people, value is important to everyone. Choosing a photographer can be difficult and misleading at times. If you simply look for the cheapest, you will almost certainly find someone cheaper still ! I charge according to quality,good service,and  a personal friendly approach.In essence great value. Remember if you spend your money on something that does not tick the box you may as well of burnt it. A waste of money. Where  if spending a little more  gets something that brings joy and happiness whenever you look at it, then that is value ! My pricing is no secret and is about right for a photographer of my ability outside of London. What I have purposely not done is put a price list on here so it can be compared against another photographer before even taking the time to meet me, look at my portfolio, ask questions and see if we like each other. . My prices start from £1195 but remember If you hire a photographer on price alone you will almost surely be upset with the results .


How far do you travel ?

While most of my weddings are in the South of England I do take commissions throughout the Uk and overseas. Please contact me for details …