top ten bridal makeup tips

Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips

Follow My Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips & You Will Look Amazing!

As a professional wedding photographer I have worked with lots of makeup artist’s over the years. Therefore you may want to discuss my top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips with your stylist. Since he or she will be able to advise which colours & products will suit you. With such diverse makeup available & various skin types to consider I will keep purely to visual aesthetic here.

top 10 bridal make up tips


So below is the sequence many industry professionals will take. Some brides I have photographed have chosen to do their own makeup. Therefore if that would be you, many stylists run courses. You can contact me and I will send you a list of experts either for makeup tuition or to be with you on the day. Please keep in mind I am a Hampshire wedding photographer and although I travel not all stylists will. So to my top 10 bridal makeup tips …..

top 10 bridal makeup tips

The sequence most professionals would use is the following;

Tip 1:First of all  Prep & Prime first. A facial wash & exfoliate followed by a moisturizer that does not leave you with an “oily skin”. The primer is the base for your foundation helping your makeup stay on. Primers feature a lightweight, super-smooth texture and work to absorb excess oil, minimize the appearance of pores, and create a refined skin texture. All great primers act as a holding agent by prepping your skin for long-wearing makeup and adding an additional layer of protection to the skin.

Tip 2: The Base. A good foundation speaks volumes & nearly as hard to find as a groom!. Its purpose is to even out colour, blemishes, wrinkles & acne. Find a colour that matches your neck blending downwards to avoid “the dreaded makeup line”. Apply your concealer directly beneath the eye in an “upside down pyramid) Dab this on with your finger & using a sponge blend into your foundation. The concealer should always be a shade or two lighter as its purpose is to lighten the darkness often found beneath the eyes. Perhaps a day or two after your Hen Night would also help! To set your base apply a translucent powder to the oily areas or “T zone” especially under your eyes.


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Tip 3: Contour & Highlight. As a photographer primarily interested in making photographs look more three dimensional this is a fascinating area of makeup. Contouring or to the layman darkening is used to push areas of the face back. This can shape the cheekbones and jawline creating a contrast against the highlighting. Sometimes if the makeup has not been applied well a photographer like myself can retouch these shadows & highlights; but better to get it right from the start. Put on the highlighter on the center of your brows, along the bridge of your nose, on your upper and lower lip and on an angle along the top of your cheekbones. Blend gently over your contour in a tapping motion creating a smooth transition between highlight & shadow ; WOW!!

Tip 4: Finish this stage of the makeup with a blush to your cheekbones adding vitality & healthy glow.

Making the eyes pop !

Tip 5: Add definition to the crease by using a darker eye shadow, getting lighter to the inner corner of the eye. Use mascara on the lashes & eye liner to define shape. Along with using highlighter beneath the brow this widens the eyes making them seem larger. Eyes are the windows to the soul; they radiate with inner & outer beauty!.

Tip 6: Luscious lips! Create those lips every man wants to kiss by exfoliating first & then applying Vaseline. Use a primer to stop the lip colour “feathering” then apply your lipstick of choice. Again this should all come down to skin colour & advice from a professional should be sought before money is wasted. You can then use a slightly lighter shade in the center or a highlighter to add a sparkle & depth. To avoid lipstick on your teeth put your pointer finger in your mouth, hold with the lips & then pull out taking any excess away.

Tip 7: All of the above should be done where ever possible in a good “North light”. If the light in the room is too dark move closer to the window & turn off any lamps or overhead lighting. Avoid also harsh sunlight as this will prove very hard to see the true depth of your masterpiece! Lastly check your look in various mirrors …. Not just your favorite, then apply a setting spray to “hold” everything together. top 10 bridal makeup tips

top 10 bridal makeup tips

Look after your skin!

Tip 8: The quickfire for skin. Use a moisturizer with a sun screen. Allow time for that to soak into the skin. Only after that apply your base. Avoid makeup with SPF or actual sun screen as this will just look sweaty; yuk ! Blotting tissues for oily skin are a girls best friend & remember to drink lots of water. Hydrated skin just looks fresher and stops the drying out of pores.

Tip 9: Practice makes … well, perfect! Make sure you try out your look & experiment BEFORE the day. The old adage goes “fail to prepare & prepare to fail” Alternatively if you are using a makeup artist have a couple of trials before the “Big one!”

Tip 10: The last of my Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips is from a photographers point of view. Discuss with your wedding photographer the “look” you have chosen. Dissimilar lighting can make a huge difference to the makeup in the finished photographs. However an experienced photographer should know how to light you & retain your makeup without “washing” it out. Lower your gaze to emphasize your eyes. Lick your lips to add sparkle on close up shots. turn towards the light if your photographer is not giving good direction (as he should). This will bring out the colors, wash out wrinkles & avoid dark “panda eyes” …

top 10 bridal makeup tips

top 10 bridal makeup tips

Finally many thanks for reading my Top 10 Bridal Makeup Tips, I hope you have found the article useful & enjoyed looking at my images. If you are planning a wedding & want to look amazing in your photographs bookmark my sight here Simon John Photographs ltd I am also an active chap on social media.    


  top 10 bridal make up tips



top 10 bridal make up tips



top 10 bridal makeup tips



top 10 bridal makeup tips



top 10 bridal makeup tips

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