creative weddingThe Key To Creative Wedding Photography

by Simon John

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Finally a book for the serious wedding photographer. The Key To Creative Wedding Photography is aimed at the  professional looking  to take their imagery to the next level. Simon John FBIPP FSWPP has thirty years experience winning all major UK awards and judging to the highest level for competition and qualifications. In this fascinating insight into one of the UK’s leading social photographers Simon will share his secrets on creativity. Why some of his compositions are abstract explaining the thought process behind them. His insights into using light and compositional lines in real wedding photographs is useful to those wishing to improve, and gain higher qualifications. The book is not a “how to” but will inspire you to look at your own work with fresh eyes. This will spark your enthusiasm to produce better photography than you have ever done before. In todays market place it is simply not good enough to have a good camera and computer. Brides expect quality and professionalism alike. Alot of the finer quality’s  have been lost since the advent of digital. Photographers seem happy to machine gun shoot and cover their badly taken images in photoshop filters. Simon’s skills were passed on by past Masters which he has developed alongside modern technology and todays fashion and media. His hope is that wedding photography will continue to progress achieving new heights in artistry and finesse. A Graphistudio wedding album should be one of  a married couples most treasured possessions, an heirloom that will be appreciated by future generations. We are privileged as photographers to be able to create something unique that will bring lasting pleasure to so many …. Let the Key To Creative Wedding Photography inspire you to achieve your goals this coming season…